Big Ol’ Announcement

Hey, it’s me, KKHimawari, a long-time friend of Bee’s, and I guess the cat’s out of the bag. Yep, I’m here to announce my first ever project: Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~, or as the English title goes: The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~!

I have loved this VN ever since I first read it back in 2018. Its atmosphere, its writing, its characters, its darker-than-average nature. Everything about it just fits my tastes to a tee (Bee’s probably having a seizure at the art-style though, knowing him). Here, have a piece of it. I think it looks amazing for its time.

This VN apparently inspired people like Nasu and Romeo, so I hope you’re just as excited to read it as I am to get it out there to you all! Now allow me to introduce you to the team.

Team Members

  • Translator – Me
  • Editor – Pomelo
  • TLC – Bee
  • QA – Kobra2112, Casual_Scrub, Zealrot
  • Engineer/Madman – Kebab-Jesus
  • Image Editor – AliensofGold
  • Video Editor – Deckard

As for the progress on this, I have currently finished around 120 of the 255 scripts present in this VN, so I’m virtually about halfway through. I should ideally have the translation part of this amazing game done by sometime in November, though that can change at any moment due to any sudden university workloads. Editing and TLC will take some time, as other members are busy with certain other things. The game has been hacked, and we’ll be able to inject text into the game itself for the audio-only sections of the game, which is crazy to think about. Basically, don’t expect this translation to be done anytime soon. I’m hoping it’ll be out by sometime Q4 of next year, but this is a fan translation, after all.

And finally, I would like to stress that THIS WILL NOT HINDER ANY OF THE OTHER PROJECTS THIS TEAM IS WORKING ON. So don’t go and harass Bee about no Yuzuki editing or anything translation wise because of this, alright?

I’ll see you all in a month or so for some more updates! Over and out,


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